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Welcome to the LSMI Home Page

This project aims to be a GPL Enterprise Management System, served off a Linux server. Theoretically it can monitor any client machine that runs the LSMI client software.

This project is still in it's diapers, so be patient. It is NOT currently intended for production environments. You have being warned !!!


Release 0.03

The 0.03 release is now available. There have been a number of changes, and the most important change was made to the way LSMI handles plug-ins. It's not quit perfect yet - but getting there :)

The first two versions assumed ( wrongly ) that a plugin would always only send us back a single piece of information, like a graphic. This is however not the case, and I am busy addressing the issue. The net effect sofar was a major re-do of the DB backend. So, to all the people that played with the first two versions - sorry people. I belief the clever ones will figure a way to migrate what they have to the new database structures.

In the documentation directory ( of the tar.gz file ) you will find a file called notes - which might not make sense as it is notes from myself to myself. However, some of the logic of the changes are explained therein.

Something that I am guilty of is that I did not keep to my original update plan. So the issues that were outstanding in 0.02, is still outstanding.

Now for a summary of the changes:

  • Major DB backend changes
  • Moved DB credentials to a central file
  • Centralised most common functions in a single file
  • Added configuration management menus
  • Changed the plugin interface from the console menu
  • Enhanced user identification ( administrator/manager/console user )
  • Some code cleanup
  • Minor updates in the documentation
  • Added a network monitor plugin ( RRDTOOL ) ( Linux )
  • Added a hardware configuration reporting plugin ( Linux ) Logo